CDC Scientist Discusses Building Community in the Era of Big Data

Decisions about how to prevent disease and promote health are increasingly relying on data science, but how accessible is data science to the scientific community? Chad Heilig is the Associate Director for Data Science in the Center for Epidemiology, Surveillance, and Laboratory Services at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and he argues that every scientist who wants to do good things with data should have the intellectual support to do so.

Join the Health Informatics Institute Thursday, February 1, in 241 Russell Hall, Health Sciences Campus, as Dr. Heilig presents “Who Gets to Do Data Science?”

This presentation lays out a working definition of data science and, more importantly, who practices data science and how. To keep up with rapidly changing methods, technology, and tools, self-learning problem-solvers need know-how to bridge domain knowledge and methods, love of knowledge to drive problem-solving with data, and a supportive culture of mentors and peers.

Refreshments served from 11:45 until noon.  Presentation from noon until 1 PM.